Who we are


First of all there is Ceriana, the Cerianesi and the Cerianaschi.


Ceriana was constructed in the Middle Ages on steep rock formations deep within Valle Armea -

a situation chosen to avoid being seen from the sea by Saracen invaders.

 Surrounded by beautiful mountains, olive groves, vineyards, woods, rivers and hiking trails,

it currently has around 1230 residents. The valley is scattered with numerous little stone houses ('rustici').

And looking south, you can see the sea at a distance of only 13 km.


Ceriana offers a vibrant social scene, with a selection of shops and bars, a number of annual festivals showcasing local traditions, four different fraternities, and its very own music band!


Thanks to its stunning location, the temperate mediterranean climate and the particularly colourful energy of the Cerianesi, the valley continues to attract visitors from all around the world.



And then there are us !


A group of creative souls interested in the arts and curious to meet together and collaborate with

like-minded others, Ceriana Art was inaugurated in 2011.

Today the CerianaArt Festival has become a thriving biannual event incorporating painting, photography,

installations, sculpture, ceramics, music, theatre and dance.


10 days of exhibitions, performances and workshops, it offers a fantastic opportunity to discover the delights of an authentic mediterranean village off the regular tourist trail.


We like to see it as a perfect opportunity to share our passions with others who appreciate not only the arts,

but more broadly speaking, the art of creative living.

Come along this summer to join in with us - or simply to enjoy the delights of Ceriana

and the unique energy and 'gusto' of CerianaArt18.



Vi aspettiamo !!